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Jorninas Company Limited

Who we are
Jorninas Company Ltd is a Ghanaian legally registered business situated at Accra, it’s national capital. As aspiring industry leaders, we endeavour to provide value for money, pay attention to our customers’ input thereby creating a friendly environment devoid of bias and prejudice. 

What we do
From building & road constructions, civil works, supply of general goods, sales of building materials and hardware, to dealers in office equipment, stationery and furniture, offer a wide range of other services to meet customer demands. 
At Jorninas, we never stop raising the bar. Consistently focused on high quality production, we commit to excellence in all we do.
We commit ourselves to providing enduring client satisfaction which we’ve been able to uphold for over the years, through technical understanding, on-time deliveries, long term reliability and high performance. Our employees’ expertise though, is the key to every success in this regard.

Civils works - Jorninas utilizes its skills in construction across Ghana for infrastructure projects such as, building and repairing bridges, roads, highways, and piers. We are also an aspiring industry leader in energy projects, whether hydroelectric, such as dams, power stations, tunnels and dikes.

Under listed are some projects executed;
April 2018 – Construction of Small Dams and Dugouts under the one village, one Dam initiative as part of the infrastructure for poverty eradication programmes (IPEP)

We’re a versatile team in the supply sector as we daringly take on any supply demand that knocks on our door. 

  1. March 2020 – Supply of 40,000 Water Proof Solar Lamp with SOS Flashing Function 
  2. December 2017 – Supply of School Furniture to Community Senior High Schools
  3. July 2018 – Procurement of Motorbikes for MMDA’s (Metro, Municipal and District Assemblies, Ghana)


  1. Ministry of Special Initiatives, Ghana
  2. Ministry of Railways Development, Ghana
  3. Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development
  4. Metropolitan, municipal and district Assemblies, Ghana