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Delovely Energy

Who we are

Delovely Energy; is an enterprising Ghanaian energy company that prioritizes safety and health by championing the course of providing clean, secure and affordable energy to public and private agencies, individuals, and households. We know that being an energy supplier is about more than keeping the lights on.

The team at Delovely Energy is daring, dynamic and committed to providing you with the best service possible, from our superstar customer service agents to our engineers, data scientists, researchers, and more, all here to make sure you have a five-star experience. This, coupled with a first class after sales service, ensures that your energy requirements are in safe hands.

What we do
Delovely Energy, render world-class differentiated services in oil marketing, transportation of petroleum products, sales and distribution of petroleum products, bulk oil distribution, petroleum bunking as well as oil and gas.

We focus on embedding sustainability within the core of our businesses. We believe this is key to responsible and sustained business development in a carbon-constrained future. We don’t only want to be an energy providing company but to be the preferred indigenous service providers in this regard. The quality, safety and affordability of our products and services