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Delovely Faith Group of Companies

who we are

Delovely faith group company has since its inception experienced phenomenal growth and now has companies covering diverse sectors with five(5) companies which focuses on  support services that is backed by years of experience as an organization enriched by the expertise and dedication of the partners. We bring dedicated and Client -focused service to improve our client's output while giving our clientele a head start in their area of business. Delovely Faith Group operates in a wide range of industries including the construction of buildings and civil infrastructure, technical services such as communication networks, mining, property development and management, transportation, marine operations, and several energy projects including oil and gas. The Delovely Faith Group of Companies operates several divisions and subsidiaries that operate in a diverse range of industries.


our vision

To become a bench mark in providing quality services which meets our customers needs more effectively than any of our competitors and to be leaders in offering pragmatic solutions to all clients.

our mission

To offer work with high quality like international standards within a given timeline, promote, stimulate, and encourage high standards of health and safty in the work place.